From Side Hustle to Full-Time Business

Marc Gagnier discovered his passion for business in the 7th grade selling wholesale candy to his classmates. In high school, he was generating around $100 in sales. Not bad for a young kid. 

Business has always been in his DNA. He took this experience to his next venture. 

From 1999 to about 2004 Marc worked about eight jobs and founded Sidehowstyles, a body jewelry e-retailer, as a side gig. One big frustration in trying to gather body jewelry for his niche was that he had to purchase from various vendors and often had to wait for shipments on sold out inventory. 

The townhouse he lived in was overloading with inventory. When he realized he needed more space he decided to take the next step. 

Eventually he changed the name from Sidehowstyles to Painful Pleasures and in 2004 his side gig became his full-time gig.

That year he began looking at warehouses and secured a space in 2006. Even after securing a new space, Gagnier realized he needed yet a larger space. He purchased three additional units over the course of three years. 


Marc now had all of the inventory he could want to fulfill his vision of becoming the one-stop shop for all things piercing. 

Painful Pleasures expanded to become an online leader for the tattooing industry. This success was made possible by fixing sourcing, warehousing and distribution ... and by a passionate team. 


“So many of our competitors have come and gone. They focus on the 'get rich' [aspect] and don't reinvest back into the company or its employees.” Meanwhile, Marc believes that investing in employees is key for a business to thrive.

-Marc Gagnier,  Painful Pleasures CEO

Painful Pleasures is a strong partner because they know how to streamline operations and have a state-of-the-art distribution center. This helps meet customer expectations and provide the best experience. 

Marc is excited to bring his operations and crucial warehouse experience to the Body Art Alliance to continue providing the community with the best customer experience. 

Painful Pleasures continues to thrive, innovate and delight his customers. With the support of the Body Art Alliance, he envisions that Painful Pleasures can become the strongest in his industry. 

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