Questions to Ask Clients Before Their Tattooing Appointments

Getting back to work will be under a new normal. With many artists returning back to shops this month, there are new guidelines set by local governments and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Some states have taken a more aggressive approach to combating the virus, meanwhile, others have been more relaxed.

Many of us have been trained to treat everyone as if they are potentially contagious and always practice precaution when tattooing. To add an extra layer of protection and give all clients a peace of mind, we put together a checklist of questions artists can ask by phone before the appointment. Many states require artists to see clients by appointment only, contingent on answers to a questionnaire.

A man with a tattoo on his arm fills out a COVID-19 questionnaire in a tattoo shop before his appointment
COVID-19 Screening Questions

Download COVID-19 Questionnaire

Covid-19 Questionaire
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To limit the travel of clients, it might be best to ask these questions prior to the appointment and record the client information in an Excel document or Google Sheet. Only the name and contact info of the client can be recorded. By asking these questions, we can better ensure the safety of the communities we serve. In the case of an emergency, if a client or artist tests positive for COVID-19, tracing and contacting them will be easier by following these steps.

Shop owners should require artists to ask these questions as a precautionary measure. This ensures the body art community stays safe while doing what they love.