World Famous Tattoo Ink is one of the most respected manufacturers in the tattoo industry in the world. Led by Lou Rubino Jr., World Famous' motto is: passion, family and forever. Rubino has been passionate about tattooing from the womb. As an apprentice at his father’s shop, Jr. had high expectations to live up to. Rubino Sr. pushed his son intensely, so that he would one day revolutionize the industry. 

Determined, ambitious and hard-working, Lou did just that. From working in a walk-in tattoo parlor in New York to becoming one of the most sought-after artists in the world, Lou has changed tattooing forever. 

Lou influenced the New York tattoo landscape little by little, through his several Long Island parlors, and achieving many "firsts" in his area. For instance, he's known for setting up shop in a hockey arena, becoming the first ever to open a tattoo parlor inside a sports arena anywhere in the world

Lou was inspired to pivot from tattoo shops to manufacturing tattooing equipment and tattoo ink, and thus World Famous Tattoo Ink was born. 

A collection of World Famous tattoo inks

Home to the leading tattoo inks in the world, Lou decided to change ink forever and bring in an artist’s perspective. Changing the industry with vegan tattoo ink, Lou also provides vivid and high pigment colors.  


What does it take to be World Famous? Blood; it's that simple. It’s in the DNA. It’s the relentless dedication, the drive to be the absolute best. We’re not here because we wanted to create another tattoo ink.


"We’re not here because we thought we could do it better. We’re here because we did."


World Famous Tattoo Inks are the gasoline that will ignite the next generation of Tattooing, and will set the work of any tattoo artist on absolute fire! So stay true and WORLD FAMOUS forever!

Today, Lou has the support of the Body Art Alliance to continue innovating and putting out to the market the highest-quality inks. His experience, passion and DNA will make the whole body art industry thrive in ways never seen before. 

In the future, World Famous Tattoo Ink looks to continue re-writing the rules of tattooing. 

Lou Rubino, Jr. portrait, owner and CEO of World Famous Inks, one of the leading innovators in tattoo ink, including vegan tattoo ink formula
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