Learn more about FK Irons, a tattoo supplies manufacturer behind the most revolutionary tattooing equipment such as the Xion and Flux

FK Irons

Innovators of some of the most popular tattoo machines, including the cordless Spektra Flux™  and Bluetooth devices.

the leader in vegan tattoo ink, creating high-pigment colors that transcend the skin. These high-quality pigments are used by top artists all over the world.

World Famous Tattoo Ink

Visionary minds behind bold, safe, top-grade tattoo inks used by some of the most expressive tattoo artists. Proud creators of vegan-friendly ink.

Creators of the original thread less jewelry, Neometal is a piercing supplies manufacturer that provides wholesale body jewelry to professionals.



Family-owned NeoMetal invented the original threadless body jewelry system. Made in the USA, with implant-grade titanium.

Painful Pleasures is a piercing supplies manufacturer and tattoo equipment supplies company that provides an elevated e-commerce experience for body art enthusiasts.

Painful Pleasures

The leading provider of quality piercing and tattoo supplies, known for excellent service and reliable delivery.


Since the beginning of time, body art has been a tradition passed by generations to generations. Standing the test of time, human canvases keep evolving as a way of self-expression. Today, body art is on the brink of a revolution.


The Body Art Alliance (BAA) is at the forefront of innovation, creating the tools to better serve you, the artist. We have been there through your body art journey and will continue to be there for you, but at a better capacity. From the first truly wireless tattoo machine, to the groundbreaking novel tattoo parlor on a cruise ship, BAA has cultivated the industry and been the “first of many.” We re-write history on our terms - setting the trends. We are dreamers, artists, creatives, innovators and pioneers, driven to propel the body art community across the world. 


We’re here to elevate, empower and take our industry to the next level. Our family of brands will continue to be led by their day one founders and continue to create and oversee our innovative product lines. While we are better united, our brands will always have that special touch that makes them unique. Our new partnership will allow us to create, design and manufacture products, create best-in-class educational content that transcends, and have a direct social impact in the communities we serve. 


The Body Art Alliance welcomes you home! Discover all that we offer, you are in charge. Every piece of content we produce, product and initiative are made with you in mind. We have something for all body art lovers: amateurs, beginners, enthusiasts and pros alike. Stay up-to-date with the latest news in the body art world and connect with us.



Presenting the Xion by FK Irons. The Flux is a game-changer in the body art world, as the first truly wireless tattoo machine that is Bluetooth capable.

FK Irons

Innovators behind the most revolutionary tattoo machines in the world.

Two silver belly piercing jewelry, one with an opal-like decoration at the top and a sapphire gem weighing down the bottom, the other with a flower of petals in pink gems and a round ball to weigh down the bottom tip

NeoMetal / Norsco

Creators of the original threadless body jewelry. 

World Famous vivid blue ink

World Famous

Driven, visionary minds behind the most sought-after and best tattoo ink.

A model indigenous face painting and a nose bridge piercing, nostril and an Indian-inspired septum piercing


Leader in providing the largest variety of body art supplies while delivering the best customer experience.




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